Breast Health Education

/Breast Health Education

MCHC provides Breast Health Education Workshops.

What happens at the workshops?
Workshops cover the following:

  • what breast awareness is and why it is important
  • identifying what is normal
  • knowing what changes to look and feel for
  • known risk factors

The aim of the workshops are to allow a interactive and relaxed discussion on breast health awareness.  Currently, we hold workshops in a multiple languages including: English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Rohyngga, Karen, Persian, and Turkish.

One of our previous participants explains how the workshop helped her:

“I learned so much from the workshop, plus I received a clinical breast exam.  The doctor told me to follow up with a mammogram, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise.  Nothing was seen in the mammogram, but I feel better knowing now what is normal for me.  Thanks to the doctor and staff that helped me.”

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