Breast Health Education

Each and every month the Muslim Community & Health Center’s Monthly Breast Health Education, funded by a grant from Susan G. Koman Southeast Wisconsin.

The program will provide Free breast health education and examinations to women from deserving communities around Southeast Wisconsin, who have language, cultural or access barriers.  Women who are eligible will be given a free Mammogram at a different date.

The goal is to reach 150 women and identify 100 who have not had age-appropriate screening in the prior 12 months. The program will provide assistance with scheduling, reminders, phone calls, financial advocacy, and other support to ensure screening. The Columbia St. Mary’s mobile mammography coach will provide 25 mammograms per quarter for qualifying women at the Muslim Community Health Center.

What happens at the workshops?
Workshops cover the following:

  • what breast awareness is and why it is important
  • identifying what is normal
  • knowing what changes to look and feel for
  • known risk factors

The aim of the workshops are to allow a interactive and relaxed discussion on breast health awareness.  Currently, we hold workshops in a multiple languages including: English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Rohyngga, Karen, Persian, and Turkish.

One of our previous participants explains how the workshop helped her:

“I learned so much from the workshop, plus I received a clinical breast exam.  The doctor told me to follow up with a mammogram, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise.  Nothing was seen in the mammogram, but I feel better knowing now what is normal for me.  Thanks to the doctor and staff that helped me.”





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