Payment Options

Sliding Fee Discount

MCHC offers medical services on a sliding fee scale.  Our staff will work with you to determine your eligibility for our sliding fee discount.  How do I qualify?

If you wish to qualify for the Sliding Fee you MUST show proof of gross annual income for all immediate family members living in your household. Gross income is ALL income from ALL sources before taxes. Applicants should provide a copy of either two consecutive pay stubs, or the previous year income tax return or W-2 form.

Acceptable Income Verification

  • Recent Federal tax return
  • IRS form W-2 or 1099
  • (2) Current paystubs

Medicaid and Badger Care

Both are accepted for medical and behavioral health.


Medicare is also accepted at MCHC

Private Health Insurance

MCHC clinic accept a variety of private insurance plans, such as Humana.


Patients who have coverage that requires a co-payment will be asked to pay that amount at the time of service.

Call MCHC at 414.939.4411 with any questions you may have with payment options.

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