Mask Making Campaign

/Mask Making Campaign

Thank you for volunteering to support the MCHC Mask Making Campaign. Please fill out the form below. A MCHC team member will be in touch with you soon.

We are in need of cutters and sewers for face masks .

Face Mask Instructions:
Please make masks with 100% cotton and elastic ties. If you don’t have elastic, use ribbon instead.

  1. Current fabric requirements:
    100% cotton
    Tightly woven
    New or freshly washed
  2. Select a pattern below:
    Simple Mask: face-mask pattern with instructions (PDF and video) Sizes included
    No filter pocket
    Tip: use more than the recommended 4 feet of ribbon for the ties

DIY Cloth Face in Mask – Includes nose wire to secure to face better

Start sewing!

  1. Ties and elastic
    For ties, I cut two 1 1/2″ strips the width of the fabric, cut each of them in half (so you have 4 strips 1 1/2″ x about 20″) then turn under and press about 1/3 of the strip along each long side, then fold in half lengthwise, so the two folded-under edges meet, and then top stitch along that edge. Stick the non-selvage inside the mask’s seam when stitching it in place, and then the neater selvage end is the finished end. It’s kinda’ down-and-dirty tie-making, not heirloom quality, but these are meant for use, not for show.

Ties instead of elastic make the masks work for a larger range of users’s sizes, but take longer to make, although perhaps using washable ribbon or maybe seam binding? would be quicker and just as functional

  1. Upon Masks Completion:
    Wash the mask at the sanitation setting on your washer after completion.
    Please put each sanitized mask in a plastic sandwich bag using gloves.
    Once finished with a batch of 20, let your zone coordinator know to coordinate pick up or delivery.
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